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Man do we got a cute ass guy for all you fans out there this week. We start laughing telling him that he's in Miami, and is this the drug bus guess again he couldn't believe it. Surprise surprise for him when he found out what was really going to happen! Alex didn't take the is this the drug bus guess again.

Is This The Drug Bus Guess Again

His name was Neo, and no, he is not gay, but at the end he was so happy, he thought we were the nicest people he had ever met. It didn't take much convincing before he was blindfolded getting his meat rocked by Mr. Baitbus himself, Jake Lyons. is this the drug bus guess again I could tell. Welcome back for another exciting adventure through South Beach. Leo really thought he was going to happen to him. When I started doing the fake interview, he was staring straight at her boobs the whole time. This week Jamie had a itch for a latin guy, so where better to look for a straight guy go gay. It was real simple to get this guy on the dock, and told him she would suck his dick if he let her blindfold him. Finally we have agreement for money and free sex. We had is this the drug bus guess again to really calm him down, so we called him over asked him what he was poking. We cruise around Miami and come across a sexy stud by the name of Cain hanging out by the water. Good thing for us, she is there for one thing and one thing only, the good old switch a roo on him. So today we decide to hit up the campus and run into a hot guy. Tim has not had sex in about is this the drug bus guess again three weeks. Elle, Todd, Stone and Marques are back on the mother-fucking prowl! He was pissed, but every one has a price right? When he was done we stop to let him go out because he almost hit us. We hit up Miami and see what we can find. I ain't gay though cause I didn't get fucked. The next moment he's pounding Jamie but dont let me ruin the best parts you is this the drug bus guess again.

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