Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Jr On The Hunt

I think there was definitely a connection between them. He was coming from the water and caught all of our eyes. Looking jr on the hunt for some lucky guy to lure into the bus and once inside wasn't long before she was exposing her beautiful tits to him. This.

Jr On The Hunt

So we tell him Vanessa wants to do a porn with him to get on the bus Cameron kept flashing her tits and offering him a bj. Vanessa sweet talks him to death landing yet another score. He needs a ride to work in exchange for a quick and easy $50. jr on the hunt This guy was French and he was visiting America when he met some friends, got really drunk and ended up in Pompano where jr on the hunt we found Derek, a hottie from California who was lost after spending a crazy night at a party. And let's not forget our sexy red-bone stud Steven. Chad was as sharp as they come and pretty cute to boot! She is a piece of her sweet ass. When he took the blindfold off. But after the revelation of who was really sucking his dick, it took, once again, a flash to have him agree to fuck the same guy? Things got heated but a little bit of money always seems to get you out a tight squeeze. jr on the hunt As were cruising through this plaza we spot this hottie mowing the lawn. Sammy kept insisting to apper on the World Famous Bang Bus. It's Spring Break in Miami! So I ended up fucking this dude in the ass. $3000 to plug Abraham, that's what it took! The blind fold goes off along with Justin's temper. Gotta a whole new episode here, a real good one too. Jessie and Tyler convince Jason to fuck Ryan in the butt hole, with the promise of sex and $4,000 dollars, but only after we blindfolded jr on the hunt him, and he wasn't too thrilled at the surprise. John jumps in does his thing, but Jeremy wasn't to thrilled when he discovered jr on the hunt who was bobbin on his knob, but good thing money managed to keep all that under control. Kehoa wasn't to pleased to see jr on the hunt.

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