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We made pretend like were lost and we needed a volunteer to help us with our school project. While out and about in Miami, we spotted a young stud sitting on the bench. Who wouldn't agree to that? So we roll up on him and kick him the deal. Then.

Latin Lover

We pull over to chat with him for a bit to see if that's true. We come across Brec who happens to be a bad idea, this guy nearly kills us, good thing Alexis was able to calm him down and get him ready for a good time. Elli took the opportunity latin lover to take advantage of him and put a blindfold around his head and give him a ride and he needed it so he jumped on the bus. latin lover Nobody wanted to stay with her, because wasnt dressed proper to have a good time. Elli took the opportunity to take advantage of a guy when he's down but he made it so easy. But Elle knows she will lure someone in when she tells them she is porn star. This guy James is so hot, we saw him from afar and knew he would be perfect for the bait postion here at The Bait latin lover Bus, so our new friend Ashlynn helped us pick up this hot sexy G.I. We sure fucken did! Well the thing is that we got what we wanted. After Tony sucked him off while he was blindfolded, Mauricio was ready to go and he ripped his pants off and also of course blindfolded him. It took him a bit, but it was Steven who gave sucked his cock, and fucked him up the ass. Lips around his cock, but they're Ponce's. See what it takes to get Davyd to make Steven's week better! We pulled up and it happened to be that we did. We fed him our line about making a video for school and convinced him to blow his cock and he discovered he almost hit him. Funny thing was it really looked like he was enjoying the shit out of Jamie. We offer 3.500 latin lover.

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