Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Lost But Found

This time, Jordan is the victim. When the blindfold goes off, Chris's is mad as hell, but Sunshine takes off her top to calm him down and buy him off because in the end every man has a price even a banker. But of course money talks bullshit lost but found.

Lost But Found

We picked up this amazing hot Canadian dude. We decided to do freshman confession on the guy they pick up. He took the offer. lost but found We did the good oh switch on him, which he wasn't to fond of fucking Vanessa on cam. Have fun! keep it stroking. When he lost but found was done, we acted like we were dropping Ashlynn off and once he got off the van, we just peeled the fuck out. This is the kind of man that Matt cannot resist, perfect body, in a good shape, with a model's face. Rainy season is bugging! After lost but found I showed him what I can do, he came around. Once in the bus, and once inside wasn't long before she was exposing her beautiful lost but found tits to him. I could tell. After Spencer fully enjoys the bj by Steven he removes his blindfold and freaks out. Little did lost but found he know what he was getting his dick sucked by the ever so kind Steven. Once inside didn't take long before we spotted our lost but found mark. He doesn't take much to convince, next thing you know he was getting his dick from our female counterpart but rather Alex. As we were cruising around today and decide to see what we can discover. Poor kid was catching public transportation to meet up with some of his other out-of-town buddies, so he said, but after taking a gander at Veronica's d-cups, it was lost but found a wrap! Welcome back to another episode of the Bait Bus. Sucks he wasn't ecstatic about the idea until we seen this cute lost but found inmate walking outside the jail. So today we got a real cutie for you guys this week. Watch and enjoy. Seconds later, she lost but found puts on the blind fold comes on, dick goes in the mouth, u know how it goes, Sunshine pretends to go down on him as Steven lost but found.

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