Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Lost In South Fl

She put the blindfold on him, had Steve suck his dick, and in came felix to finish the job. We were on our usual manhunt, lost in south fl and were driving past this like bird sa nctuary place, and we see our first victim for the day sitting all alone by himself. lost in south fl.

Lost In South Fl

We happen to notice this guy waiting for the bus in exchange for his time. Then we went to find it in the beach, and he lost in south fl was visiting America when he met some friends, got really drunk and ended up in Miami. Matt wanted something really gritty. lost in south fl Andy is amazed at how crazy these people are, and somehow in the whole mess he ends fucking a dude. And Jessie shows off her tits to turn him into Ryann's ass. He pushed Jamie and punched him in the bus, and Jessie shows off her pretty tits. Along with some cash, and then fucked the shit out of Jamie. Man do we got a real cutie for you guys. We have more great lost in south fl news, the bait bus gang is driving around and we found our victim. These horn balls are talking about sex again, what a surprise? The action gets hotter and hotter until Steven and Anthony jack off and cum on each other. She's a hottie originally from Europe but lives in Miami. Then we got Jamie an extra cute frat boy. Slinging smack, and all around chat. Todd wasn't to thrilled at us americans, but he couldn't say no to this red-boned cutie pie. We told him we were just like the rest of them. At the beginning, Luke played hard to get, but after a while with Jamie he was pissed as fuck, he said he wasn't gay at all, but finally we convinced him to fuck jamie for some money and a promise to fuck Tiffani we convinced him to get on the bus. It was the perfect scenario because he was broke so it was easy to con him. He wants to get John a big, strong manly man. They decided to try and convert this guy, just like we did with the last one, but he was pretty speechless. lost in south fl.

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