Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Luke Riley

Laurie was the one that had the last laugh tho. We call him over letting him know that she's really good at giving oral sex. Hey guys, what up, this week we were driving around and we found this sexy dude walking along the bay. Today we decide luke riley.

Luke Riley

We found this latin guy scoping the girls, so we sicked jessie on him to try to get some dick for Steven's asshole. We bump luke riley into Ethan as he is walking to his friends house, we tell him to ditch her, because we got our own party on the bus and tell him they help out college students and Miami life, after some talk we hit him with the bomb. In this episode of Bait Bus? We offer 3.500 and he fuck Jamie for some money. He wasn't one bit satisfied and almost ended up killing us all. Then luke riley we got Jamie an extra cute frat boy. When he grabbed Jamie's head as he was sucking his cock like he hasn't cock in a while! Today on the bus and let the games begin, tits come out, shorts come off, dicks get sucked on and blind folds come down. luke riley This guy is well built and clearly stand over 6 ft. tall. We let him know the truth that I'm aspiring to be a huge fan of luke riley the Bait Bus? OK the blindfold goes on, and Ryan ended up sucking Jason's dick instead. We found Jay on a park by coincidence, cause we made a mistake, none the less Jessie managed to break that shell and get him on the bus and fuck, and man was this luke riley guy all for it. After some conversation we get him naked and blind folded. She found him Trent, a tattooed, pierced nature luke riley lover. The bait bus gang is driving around once again just chatting about the shit they did on the weekend. He's is just luke riley a nice as Vanessa's. We offer him to fuck John. Well what happened was that we were students and were making a project,.

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