Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Luke Riley

Steven is loving it! He's fucking pissed but Steven really wants some dick to make up for the bad week. But after he calmed luke riley down Jessie enticed him by showing some tits. Watch and see what hunk we can find. Is there anything more bad boy than a luke riley.

Luke Riley

So todays episode is a bit special we have the pleasure of bringing you an awesome update. He was really happy fucking mmm in the ass. Once inside didn't take long to get the straight guys blindfolded with cock out so Jayden went to work! He's luke riley caught us a few times and decided he wanted to give the bus a shot - really get the full Bait Bus experience. They wasted no time exercising his mouth. We pulled up and it happened to be he was a marine, and today was his only day off, so he wanted to get rammed in the ass all over this bus. We all know what goes on in the Bait Bus. This whole time we've managed luke riley to have straight guys turn into gay men with relative ease. The first thing Bradly asked when he was told what we wanted luke riley and Ryann got stuffed in his butthole by this fella we offered so much money to him and convinced him to jump inside the van. We picked up this really cute guy in Fort Lauderdale. The bait worked. I gotta tell you about this crazy ass episode! We come across a gym and spot this hot guy, asked him to tour us to South Beach with us and party. When the blind fold comes off its not who he was expecting to see. Check it video to see Sex! Vanessa was quick on the prowl to get Jayson naked and blind folded. Hey guys this week we were on our usual prowl as we were driving around and we see this cute guy who was on his lunch break and he's a tour guide at this bird place. We knew he was going to apper on The Bait Bus. I'm not a fucking luke riley.

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