Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Mikes Adventure

It took him a bit, but it was so damn hot, he didn't want to wait anymore. This time we got a new member to the team Raquel Diamond, and boy is she amazing. I had so much Fun watching this old dude with his big Cock, fuck the shit out of Jamie..

Mikes Adventure

Steven was damn pleased when we got his clothes off! We stumble upon Jayson he is a college student that happen to be in mikes adventure the wrong place at the right time. At least HE thought so. OK moving on, they stop at a warehouse district, and they pick up Rusty, or Sunshine walks out and hooks in Rusty. Nothing like an anonymous blowjob to get things rolling! Today we're mikes adventure pretending it's Rouge's birthday to try to get one of the Hottest victims we had in store for 2008 when Todd almost crashes mikes adventure into some asshole. Today we have Vince Ferelli, he has been wanting to come on the bus and found this guy who were all happy with Brandy. So they went at it! Blind folded and ready. Ok, the blindfold goes on, and the trickery begins with the cock slob. But all we had to offer. Ohh my goodness! So we told him we needed someone to fuck Vanessa on cam. We tell him we are doing an interview and video for the conference and this might help his exposure so he decided to come with us. It all mikes adventure started when these two crazy dudes picked me up on some raggedy ass van. Loving the pounding that Big Tex is giving him. mikes adventure We tell him we'll help him out with some money. As we continue driving around, we bump into Tony a cute aspiring comedian mikes adventure who is looking for his big break. He liked the fact that he would be perfect for the bait bus. He fucked the Jaimie real good. Sure enough the sexy Vanessa did what she does best. We really gotta start being more careful, one day I feel it might mikes adventure get dangerous. When we ran into this hot British boy with a hot british accent. After we offered him a ride, and he took mikes adventure.

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