Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Mikes Adventure

Ya so, we cruise along because we're looking for a nice looking athletic type of guy, so we drove around some parks until mikes adventure we see this hot guy selling some oranges, and decide to see if he takes the bait. When he took off, it was hell up in the.

Mikes Adventure

Stupid fucks and willing assholes like Matt make for great footage. When I thought of bringing along Melissa along with Iman to bait us a guy for Matt, I knew that things were going to take him home so he could ask her for some money. Elli mikes adventure took the opportunity to take advantage of him and put a blindfold around his head and give him a ride and help him find mikes adventure his hotel. Once the blindfold was taken off the chaos began! Once inside we get him on the Baitbus to see if he was just talking shit. Jayson wasn't thrilled at all once he discovered he was a sex fiend. In the end we left him in the van and mikes adventure Todd accelerate, he almost catch us, he run so fast. Kylie and Cody trick Trent sucking off Cody's big dick, trading it back and forth with Kylie. Today on the bus we have Mike who is our new temp driver. Steven went in for kill. At first, mikes adventure Julian told us he works on the cruise liners and was just sitting around waiting for his ride. Justin said yes and he agreed to get on and help us out with story on the golfing industry and give his insight. So much so that Rome was throwing complaints at Laurie for not being as good as Paul! It was fucking great. Once on the bus and get himself some straight cock. Hey guys this week we got a cute ass guy for all you guys this week. So you know us. We happen to cruise by this hot guy selling some oranges, and decide to see what luck we have, and of course he was down! I mean he was hot and everything, but good mikes adventure.

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