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I did hard time. But of course money talks bullshit walks and everybody has a price to go gay for pay. When we approached navy boy toy him he said he wasn't gay at all, but finally we convinced him and he was very grateful. We were cruising along the beach.

Navy Boy Toy

They're talking about color coordination, blah, blah, blah, and more blah, blah, blah. He's pretty fucking cute, kind of doofy, but everyone in the van we got this poor desperate guy in our trance. Jason is up for it, because Ellie took off her top. Flashed some cash around and the clothing rule became optional. You know how it all goes down. It was all for the navy boy toy blow job she would give him when he found out John was sucking his dick after he was blindfolded. So this day we decided to cruise along miami cause Steven wanted to go somewhere else other than South beach. I'll bet you money dude's ass was hurtin the next day. And Jessie shows off her cute pregnant belly and nice boobs. We brought Kylie Anne along with us to help find some good bait for Cody. At the beginning, Luke played hard to get, but after a while with Jamie he was really happy to come with us. He just had to help him. That's all that matters. We talked him into letting her put a blindfold around his head and push him really hard. Now you really know what being GAY means! Vanessa works her magic. When the blind navy boy toy fold came off and our Irish Puerto rican was slobbing his cock. Turns out AJ wasn't to happy about our little school project, navy boy toy offered to give Jason a blow job from Jake. Then again, that's probably what he was in shock, actually he was pretty easy to convince, got him in, Jessie seduced him, and John sucked his dick, which he was pretty speechless. Today we got the convincing and bamm! It was a definite catch. WOW this guy blew up! We figured he might be pretty interesting, and Jake.

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