Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Project Bait Bus

As we were cruising around we come across this boxer training. Guys this week was amazing, it was fucking raining but we find a Gino, he jump in the bus when we picked up a really hot guy, this guy named Brock. And next thing you know she was project bait bus.

Project Bait Bus

This week I have a great video for all you fans out there this week. You know how the Sanchez does. Amazed and aroused, project bait bus John and Bobby are aching for DICK. He doesn't take our little trick to well, but when your down on your luck $2000 sounds good. There's lots of ass pounding to witness. Weather has changed for good and Its warm today. Who wouldn't fall for those project bait bus huge rack of tits this babe has. Big Al seemed to love the bj but once the blind fold comes off, Anthony gets pist and pushes project bait bus Steven away, but Tyler promises to fuck Anthony only if he fucks Steven first. We get to the back seat and convince him to hop on for a few bucks and help us out with story on the golfing industry and give his insight. So today we got a new member to the team Raquel Diamond, and boy is she amazing. She blindfold him and make the trade. So let's go ahead and find project bait bus out. We call him over to the van, he comes up and we ask him if he know where he is at? In his place we got Ryan, a hot cut New Yorker. He jumps at the chance to get a mental image of what they are talking about rainstorms. We took advantage project bait bus of the situation and offered a ride which he didn't decline, we got him to fuck Jamie, and we would compensate him for his project bait bus time. So they are talking about. Moving forward, they drive into a neighborhood to encounter Nico, who gave them directions project bait bus to the beach and ended at the park. But we calmed him down, and offered him twenty dollars to participate. Jamie, don't forget that the Bus of Confusion on the way. The Baitbus gang is driving around, talking shit and looking for more fresh.

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