Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Pumping That Ass

Steven spots this guy from a distance and attacks like a shark out for blood. He looked a little nerdy in his graduation pumping that ass robes, but who the hell doesn't? Once on the bus and buying his flowers plus giving him $100 for his time, tits come out, pumping that ass.

Pumping That Ass

We decide to hit the beach in search for a hot surfer. They drove into a housing complex,and found Jason who wondered about the video camera after they introduced themselves. Elle is going to take a chance and try to get some unsuspecting turist pumping that ass or something or other cruising by the shops. We get him on the bus and naked so the games can begin, unfortunately he wasn't getting his dick sucked by Steven. Hey guys this week we got a cool shoot for you guys to watch. Once inside, I noticed pumping that ass that he couldn't stop banging him. His name was Leo from Venezuela. He was pretty upset but we managed to record him fucking Steven's mean asshole, and trust me it is worth every minute of it. Knowing him, he'll be back next week for more dick to indulge. By the way Jamie really enjoyed this one, I heard him screaming. He gets pretty crazy but nothing that $5,000 can't pumping that ass calm down. At the end, I asked him if he know where he is at? As we are driving through the neighborhood, we spot this hottie pumping that ass mowing the lawn. But after the revelation of who was really giving him head, Alex was distraught! He's craving for a man pumping that ass with muscles. We talked him into getting on the bus and tell him we are doing some sort of fitness video and we need to pumping that ass get Ryann to suck on his cock. What we did this time has never been with an american guy! obiesly! This is the kind of man pumping that ass that Matt cannot resist, perfect body, in a good shape, with a model's face. Anyway was really Funny that Iman and Matt pumping that ass were fighting because both were ready to get FUCKED! Now he's even more excited, unzipping his pants and pulling them down..

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