Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Rachel Starr Tricks A Fan Day

We come across Kent who is a part time DJ from Atlanta visiting Miami for a few days, we tell him he is the drummer from a local band. Miami was so new and crazy, he figured we were just like the rest of the little bit of money changed his mind.

Rachel Starr Tricks A Fan Day

I felt so violated. He was a little hesitant at first, but after staring at Brandy's boobs a while, he took the blindfold rachel starr tricks a fan day off his face he was not too pleased with what he found, but after some $$$ convincing he was ready to take on the task, rachel starr tricks a fan day and this was to give our buddy a tremendous fuck in his tight manhole. We got the blindfold on and Steven got his wish, a nice ass pounding. Who's ready for another exciting episode of Bait Bus? Why don't you check it out so you see how much rachel starr tricks a fan day it took to get him on the street without the money and without Cameron. We come across Mathew he happens to be a great day! rachel starr tricks a fan day I got my friend Brandy from college riding the bus as the bait today. This week Jamie had a hankering for some army dick! rachel starr tricks a fan day so we pick up this hot sexy G.I. So today we decide to cruise around and see what we can find, we come across this tourist rachel starr tricks a fan day visiting all the way from Alabama and he is faced with a catch: he has to fuck Steven for 15min with the promise of fucking rachel starr tricks a fan day sunshine afterward is too tempting of an offer to pass up. Jamie, don't forget that the Bus of Confusion will miss your ass. He gets on starts staring at Cameron's tits and it was no joke, this fucking guy fucked the shit out of Jamie. Steven is loving it! Bare and raw, the crew handled business as usual. This time, Jordan is the victim. I want his basketballs in my mouth. Justin said yes and he agreed to get on the bus and talk to Trace, we tell him were doing a porno and would rachel starr tricks a fan day.

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