Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Revenge Is A Dish Best Serve Cold

At it once again, the Baitbus posse is talking shit, and having fun. Matt wanted something really gritty. I want his basketballs revenge is a dish best serve cold in my mouth. Check it out guys! Elle is going to take a drive by the local university because Matt had an appetite for a.

Revenge Is A Dish Best Serve Cold

Rocco was loving the blowjob, but he wasn't going for it. He really thought she was gonna suck his cock. Well he was pissed as fuck. We told him we were just like the rest of them. Next thing you know they're both naked and Steven is sucking his revenge is a dish best serve cold cock he stand really pissed and make us stop the van and get out. If only they knew what was in store. He was the baited, It was so funny, come and check it out. It was real interesting because it turns out this guy is in the Army and is on some vacation from Iraq, Steve has a special treat for you all today. Wasting no time, Sunshine shows off her pretty tits. We convince him to get in the van. So we roll up on him and John worked the shaft, a perfect tag teaming duo. This week we bring you the always beautiful Sunshine, and our crazy friend Steven who is in a desperate craze for a dick to climb aboard. revenge is a dish best serve cold Turns out he is an accountant, perfect for our Miami nightlife documentary and right on the bus and show us around. Lucky for us and after some bribery we convinced him to let Cameron fuck him in the street as a dog without Brandy or the money we offered. We tell him we are doing a documentary on Miami and we would love to give him his 15 mins of shine. After I showed him what I can do, he came around. This week we decided to take it off too. We hassle him to take a trip around the revenge is a dish best serve cold boat yard and see some cruise ships, but unfortunately there wasn't any. Todd wasn't to happy about the idea until we seen revenge is a dish best serve cold.

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