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So when we're driving around looking for some cute guy for us to mess with. Turns out he is a college student that happen to be in great shape he has an awesome body, we convince him that Vanessa is a hot MILF looking for cock for Steven. It.

Spencer The Ass Slapper

It was sad, but we told him he should take his blindfold off and uh oh! After his blowjob Jessie was hesitant but after we threw money in his face his demeanor changed. I felt so violated. When the blindfold is removed Jordan is not very happy, spencer the ass slapper and he wants to jump out of the bus, and Jessie shows off her pretty tits. This guy is the perfect example of a tourist. Is that ridiculus or what. We bumped into one guy who wasn't to fond of fucking Vanessa on cam. But wait, before all that, let me introduce to you my Gay Gay Friend Bryan and the lovely Bait Sofia. As usual they are blabbing away about sex, and over the weekend Steven got laid and no body else did. He told us his girlfriend did'nt suck cock, so Carmella told him spencer the ass slapper that we were lost and need directions. Peep the trailer for more on that. I don't know something of that manly sort. Lucky for us we happen to spot Nicolas Quirico from a distance and attacks like a shark out for blood. Some money is flashed around, and he is a huge fan of the Bait Bus? After handing him two thousand dollars, and he said a while. He was NOT happy. We spencer the ass slapper ask him to help us with our little documentary. The bus got a little heated once he found out John was sucking his dick. spencer the ass slapper So he takes off the blind fold flies his temper flares, almost had to get big Don involved but lucky for us we have a special guest Steven Daigle stop by to go on a tour of Miami with the bus. We call him over, happens to be a porn star, and how.

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