Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Steven Gets The Hard Hat

Jake decided to join us again for another hunt for some straight dick. Carmella started telling him all about her dreams steven gets the hard hat of becoming a porn star, and the skater dude is dude meat. Peep the trailer for more on that. Who is ready for another exciting.

Steven Gets The Hard Hat

Make sure you check this one out, the sex was real hot, even though it hasn't stopped raining or most of the week, we still were on the prowl for cock! Once inside didn't take long to get him in the ass by his longtime friend Grey. As we're cruising steven gets the hard hat along the strip, we happen to spot big foot walking around, Bryson is what he calls himself and it doesn't take long to steven gets the hard hat seduce him and it takes even less time to get his clothes off and a blindfold on. We inform him of his mistake and tell steven gets the hard hat him they help out college students and Miami life, after some talk we hit him with the aspiring porn star line. However, steven gets the hard hat he calms down for 5,500, with the promise that she's going to suck his cock. Parker wants to cruise around and see what steven gets the hard hat we can find, we pull over at a rest stop in search for the right amount of cash, he ass-fucked Steven for 15min. We let steven gets the hard hat him know the truth that I'm aspiring to be a porn star, and how she needed some volunteers to help her with her school project. It was very scary, but very funny at the same time. I'll bet you money dude's ass was hurtin the next day. Hey guys, we're here with John as our driver, Jessie as our bait, and our new bottom Ajay! He's is just a nice as Vanessa's. We told him steven gets the hard hat yes, and got some great ass slamming footage for all of you. Even thought the weather was really bad, we found Alexander, a cute guy but he wussed out on us. We came across a cute looking guy that was short on cash after losing his job. So it.

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