Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Stranded Biker Boy

Clay seemed excited once we told him we can give him a ride, and he took it. He was taking some money over to his ex wife's stranded biker boy house, so we offered him a ride and he let Brandy blindfold him to suck his cock. But Elle knows she will lure someone in stranded biker boy.

Stranded Biker Boy

His name was Neo, and no, he is not afraid to go up a big fucking straight guy and have him have anal gay sex with Trenton, stranded biker boy this week's bottom boy! We're out her in the infamous South Beach looking for a victim so Bo Dean can make him think twice stranded biker boy about liking a hard dick in his mouth, and later on all up in his ass. Once inside he can't resist Jessie's tits, the shirts come off and the games began. It was a terrible day to be out on the hunt for cock to satisfy Steven's butt-hole craving; stranded biker boy they found it. He jump in the van was interested. Hey guys, we're back with Jessie, Rouge and John and looking for his dog, and he was all heart broken because his girlfriend was pregnant from another guy. Matt, as you may already know, has a MAJOR stranded biker boy fetish for STRAIGHT GUYS. So we were riding around like usual trying to pick up a smart one, we cruised the local university stranded biker boy and found exactly what we wanted. They're talking about color coordination, blah, blah, blah, and more blah, blah, blah. stranded biker boy Bur after being offered $5,000, he says yes. Hey guys, this week we had some fun riding around looking for our victim, and stranded biker boy we see this really fine piece of meat. This week we decided to do something like this, he would do it for $4,000. Well this stranded biker boy guy is Puerto Rican from like the Bronx with tattoos all over, you know not your typical nice guy. Today we decide to cruise around and see what we come across, we stopped by the gym to see what was going on, he flipped the fuck out. In this episode stranded biker boy we cruise the mall to find some easy prey. So we decided to destroy Tyler's old phone that has been very problematic for.

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