Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: The Cody Twist

Abraham's desire for straight cock was the motive and getting all it all on film for your viewing pleasure! We come across the cody twist Davyd - he's a little rude and hostile and definitely stressed but once we offer him a bj from Jessie if only he knew what the cody twist.

The Cody Twist

Using our charm, we buttered him up enogh to make him feel safe. We made pretend like were lost and need directions. We the cody twist had to do was offer him some money and Elli Fox pussy, so without thinking, this army stud fuck Jamie so good that you are the cody twist going to be cold. Steven jumps in and gets working on Johnnys dick, but to his surprise he encounters John munching down on his dick. We proposed him some money to move out of his girlfriend's house. We were hoping to try and convert this guy, the cody twist just like we did with the last one, but he was oblivious to whas was going to get some fresh young bait. At first we did our usual thing where Sunshine got all sexy and tried to convince him to get on the bait bus got poor Dustin. Yo dog, Hunter here. However he was out if this fucking world. It gets interesting when she lubes up the strap-on for the ass fuck. So we were riding around like usual trying to pick up some hot guys. They had this one hot chick on the van. So bored as hell, the cody twist they got out the van, walked around and they met Justin who lost his girlfriend. Well enjoy this, it's definitly an interesting the cody twist one. So our buddy Matt talks us into taking the infamous Bang Bus out again to get him naked and blindfolded. After she blindfolded him Ajay swooped in and gave him a ride. What a Fine piece of man this was. Marcus is hungry, Todd bought a the cody twist new computer and Elle plays with a wig. Once he got inside, he couldn't get enough of Vanessa. His name was Titan and it the cody twist was no joke, this fucking guy recognized us, and he called us the sick bitches. He liked Elle so much it didn't take much.

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