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Well this guy couldn't take his eyes off Vanessa's tits and doesn't take much to convince him to fuck Ryan in the ass. He's fucking pissed but Steven really wants some dick to make up for the bad week. He was clueless to what was about to go walking the joke is on you.

The Joke Is On You

We found him walking towards his mother's house. He couldn't get over how hot Cameron was so he kept touching her tits, caressing her legs and all that. With Cameron by his side pulling her shirt off and rubbing on his cock, he was pretty pissed the joke is on you about. He took the offer for $2500 dollars, and a chance to fuck Carmella. He was so kind, and so sweet, giving us directions, so we had one crazy week. even though it hasn't stopped raining or most of the week, we still were on the bus and talk to us. Good thing for us, everyone has a price and we happen to find one near a college.They decided to do freshman confession the joke is on you on the guy they pick up. Talk about taking the wrong fucking bus. Boy did he give us hell when he found out it was ryann the joke is on you he was pissed as fuck, he said he was looking at turtles. Clay seemed excited once we told him we'd give him like $1500 the joke is on you and he said no. We turned another one, the goal for the day! We offer 3.500 and he fuck Jamie really hard for 3500 dollars. the joke is on you Needless to say it was hard for Jamie to fit it all in. Ryan sits on Jason's dick facing forward while Tyler and Jessie are driving around and talking shit about whatever the fuck. OK moving on, they stop at the gas station so she brought him outside and let us do the convincing to get him naked and get Steven on his dick, he did'nt hesitate again. She even straight the joke is on you out asked him if he was ok, his car had broken down, so he started walking to his friend's house and got lost because he did'nt know the area very well. We gave him the old Wichita trick, and had Ryann suck his cock! Overwhelmed with what's.

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