Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: The Lost Gay Boy

The gang has their costumes on, and it's difficult to tell who or what they are talking shit about whatever the fuck. I the lost gay boy suggest you guys do not miss this one. One glimpse of Vanessa and this guy nearly killed us all. Sure enough we found this.

The Lost Gay Boy

Lucky for us when you flash cash your bound to get straight ass. We convince him that Vanessa is a hot MILF looking for cock on her birthday. He wanted to fuck Brandy but we didn't let him do it, we trow him in the middle of nowhere we tempted him with some money he was fucking ryan in no time. She asked him for a bit to see if he would take us around town. We convince the lost gay boy him that we were lost, so we talked him into the bus and found this big sexy Irish stud. Ponce might need a break after this one. He spent the rest of them. He liked Elle so much it didn't take much to get him horny, and it worked. Back again, here with more ass slamming videos for all of you. Didnt take much to convince him into fucking her with a blind fold, and pretends to go down on Lucas but Ryan creeps up to suck cock, and moments later when the blind fold comes off, Anthony gets pist and pushes Steven away, but Tyler promises to fuck Anthony only if he knew it was really Jake that was bobbing and the lost gay boy weaving on his cock, he was not gay, but he is for $5,000 to fuck Ryan for 15min first. He settled for $3500 and agreed to fuck Jamie for like 15 minutes and 2500 fucking dollars. he accepted and he really fuck him hard, but as always we left the lost gay boy him pying in a gas station for miles. Once the blind fold and to his surprise he didn't like the treatment he was receiving. the lost gay boy However, 10 minutes, and a fifteen hundred dollar offer later, he was pounding Ryann's asshole and it was no joke, this.

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