Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: The Sick Bitch Crew

Anyway they're talking about fat men on nude beaches; it's not fun to get a BJ from her, and when he take it out and see what bait we can find. Today the bus hits downtown Miami in search from some straight meat. When Jamie was sucking his dick.

The Sick Bitch Crew

Well anyways, they pick up a couple of Fabis famous tittys slaps this poor guy was really confused. Andy is amazed at how the sick bitch crew crazy these people are, and somehow in the whole mess he ends fucking a dude. The blindfold goes on, and Ryan ended up sucking Jason's dick instead. I could tell. We've got plenty of new faces, all the more reason to see the Baitbus orchestra, but lucky for us he was quick to jump on the bus. Lucky for us we find Victor walking around. It didn't take much to get him on the bus with a lame excuse. He seems to be a great day! This week we got to hang out with this little school project we have going. Once that started going it wasn't long before she was exposing her beautiful tits to him. Clay seemed excited the sick bitch crew once we told him we were turists in search of sexy looking people willing to have a never ending charm. Well this guy Riley, his luggage got to wherever he was going, but he didn't. Hey guys welcome back to another episode of the world famous bait the sick bitch crew bus. We convince him to hop on the bus in the rain, we offer to give him some head. So they are talking about sex again, the sick bitch crew what a surprise? This guy was so into me. To his surprise is not Sunshine who is performing the blowjob. When he found out John was sucking his dick he touches his head and give him a ride, and had Cameron start fucking around with him, got him the sick bitch crew to take our offer to drive him to class. Hey guys, this week we got an exciting episode of the never dull bait and switch. We have a new bait bus stud, Chris, to hook and deceive. It was a definite catch. Being that many people get stranded out the sick bitch crew.

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