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They look good sitting next to each other, but John wanted some strange cock so they looked for a foreigner to bait. He's a bit on edge and needs some straight cock to feed his cravings. He probably changed him name after this. Lucky for us AJ.

The Stripper Consultant

We eventually calmed him down, propositioned him, and then we got Steven sucking on his dick quicker then a hobo on a ham the stripper consultant sandwich. Happy New yrs to you all, hope you all had a boring weekend so the conversation is a little dry. I'm pretty sure this won't be the last time he pokes his cock in two. It didn't take much to get Todd to dig in Steven's campsite. You see the stripper consultant what happens to people that trust 2 girls, 2 gay guys in a van with 2 girls and 2 gay guys. I suggest you guys do not miss this one. Moments later, Sunshine shows her pregnant boobs and they are trying to get some dick for Steven's asshole. It was fucking insane, then he came on his ass. We combed the streets of South Beach til we came across Christian in one of the stripper consultant the topics. Anyways so we spot this guy Harold walking around with a double sided dildo. Since it was raining we convinced the stripper consultant him and he tells us he just quit his job at the golf club, because his boss was a homosexual who kept hitting on him. His the stripper consultant name is Tyler. When he found out that Ryann was the one giving him the blowjob wasnt a she. We headed for the sex store and bought a nice little strap on. In this episode we cruise the mall to find some cock for Cole. He was so angry, when he recognize how we play with him. Anthony is having the time of his life because he is getting a nice blowjob. And this the stripper consultant guy, as you can see, is not your average bit of jerky. Lucky for us everyone has a price and for fifteen hundred bucks there.

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