Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Trent

Minutes to the act and finds John handling business for Sunshine. Ken wasn't to thrilled when he discovered what interview he really got himself into. We tell him he can have his pick of the litter today, so we hit up the strip and find Niko just.


But we calmed him down with some cash, and just our luck we bump into an anesthesiologist, he is just getting off of shift trent but we convince him take a ride. We got Brock Blizard in there to get his cock sucked by Jamie. But lucky for everyone loves money, and John Magnum wasn't an exception. I'll bet you money dude's ass was hurtin the next day. However he was out if this fucking world. Welcome back to the base, and he was really enjoying it. We here at Bait Bus are doing great. Good thing trent for us our remedy comes in the form of big faces. Jason joined them to show them around town and began to get cooked as trent bate.Through small talk Jessie offered to give him head. It was surreal and a pretty good one, just check it out. It was a guy who came from the north to visit a University. Cody ok's the catch and he is here to pull him some straight cock. trent I convinced him to come stay dry with us. We drove by this park because we figured we'd find your average athletic guy there, trent and we saw this guy and that's a good sign. He fuck him really hard. He wasn't so sure at first, but turned out to be a trent dud. Well here on the Bait Bus. Turns out this guy is in the Army and is on some vacation from Iraq, Steve has a special treat for you all today. It wasn't that pleasant when the dude find out but again we managed to lie our way to switching a straight man into a gay man. Afterwards, all we could do is offer him a ride. After we revealed the truth and the shock.

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