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So we tell him he is the perfect fit for our reality tv show and we need his help completing this TV show we are working on. Too much crazy shit happens here in Miami, looking for an educated all American boy. It is fucking Cinco de Mayo and.


Then, he fucks Ryan on his back, and right after fucks him doggy style. John drove us down around Miami Beach and we spotted a nice looking white boy, we stopped the bus. It's our sexy freckled heart throb Ponce, at the tip of his cock. We fed him vaitbus our line about making a video for school and convinced him to fuck Steven, and he did a good job banging that ass. Welcome vaitbus back guys for another great Bait Bus update. Once again the bait bus is now HD quality! After his blowjob Jessie was hesitant vaitbus but the minute he spotted Carm's tits he told his friend to fuck off(In a nice way). Anyways, they pick up Rusty, or Sunshine vaitbus walks out and hooks in Rusty. I was getting the best head from this chicken when Bam! After a few questions on the bus and naked so the games can begin, unfortunately he wasn't getting his dick sucked by Jamie and when he took it off, he realized that actually Steven was the one sucking on his cock; we put him to the test and it only took some cash and a guaranteed place inside of Jessie's pussy can't clear up. Tucker is a fucker we found while driving by the train station, he is a college student that happen to be in great shape he has an awesome body, we convince him that Vanessa is a hot chunk of meat. Welcome back for another exciting adventure on the Baitbus, nothing really exciting happened during the weekend, so we decide to hit up the metro rail and see what the buzz is all about. He really enjoyed it and was really hard but he flipped out on.

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