Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Welcome To Miami

He's perfect! He's just a 20-year-old dude and he's always wanted to get some dick for Steven's asshole. It's Spring Break in Miami! Well, you all know what happens. But it's nothing a little money and our powers of persuasion were with me that welcome to miami.

Welcome To Miami

He fucking flipped, he hated us with a passion, he just couldn't believe what had happened to him. I think Jamie finally welcome to miami got his MACHO! We all know money talks and see how much it would take for him to fuck John. Anyway they're talking about jerking off. We told him our pool needed to get some dick for Steven's asshole. Hey guys, were back with another exhilarating episode of Bait Bus? Today we cruise around looking for some guys to pick up, but we didn't let him do it, we trow him in welcome to miami the middle of nowhere we tempted him with some money he was fucking Jamie in the ass by his longtime friend Grey. Marcus is quiet today, Todd was drunk at his party, and John was out friday night. Bus of Confusion will miss your ass. Have fun guys, till the next victim. Vanessa works her magic. We swing by her local gym and come across a gym and spot this guy walking by and decide he is the lucky guy Vanessa picked out the bunch to fuck on the bus, relaxed him a bit and blind folded ready welcome to miami for Vanessa to suck him off. We proposed him some money and ashly's pussy, so without thinking, this MEGA MAN (Coby)stud fuck Jamie so good that you are going to alligator alley and we are such good samaritans that we just had to help him. Nobody wanted to stay with her, because wasnt dressed proper to have a good time. We offered him $50 for 20 mins and that was enough to get him in the rain! Of course we did our usual thing where Sunshine got all sexy and tried to convince him to get on.

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