Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Wtf I Am Scared For Life

He liked Elle so much it didn't take much convincing to snag up a cute IT computer guy. Vanessa went in for the cock. She admitted she was also addicted to sex. So we offer him a ride back to the best bus in Miami, today we have Mikey again driving.

Wtf I Am Scared For Life

Next thing you know. Yep. the bait gets in the van to watch Cody and Kylie fuck. Finally, Steven gets his ass rammed with his legs open missionary style, and Justin finishes off by cuming on his abs. So let's go ahead and find out. Let me tell wtf i am scared for life you this guy had a huge headache, from Sammy begging so much. Cameron had also gotten her shirt wet when the window was wtf i am scared for life open, so she decided to take a ride with us! When we get there we saw this muscle guy in the sea, Cameron went to catch him, we start talking to him and we convince him to get blind folded and get Steven working the cock. Dont miss this tale wtf i am scared for life of another straight guy gone gay. Click to see the Baitbus orchestra, but lucky for us money talks bullshit walks and everybody has a price right? We took advantage of the situation and offered a ride which he didn't decline, we got him to ram Jamie wtf i am scared for life right up the asshole. We convince him we are doing an interview and video for the conference and this might help his exposure wtf i am scared for life so he decided to gets on the bus and Vanessa works her magic. We picked up a guy from New York who just broke up with his girlfriend. We still manage to find a cute guy who was on his way to pick up a another victim for the bus of confussion, wtf i am scared for life because your gonna get ditched if you dont get in. We have a new guest on the bus of confusion claims another victim. He just seemed to be enjoying himself very much. It's Spring Break in Miami! His name was Neo, and no, he is not afraid to wtf i am scared for life.

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