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Mrs. Bond is disappointed in her student, Veronica, because she has wanted to fuck her student. Daniel was called into Miss bethany sweet Chase office because Daniel and his friends were acting inappropriate around the college campus. James is taking too long.

Bethany Sweet

When I missed a few assignments, I was sure she would help me pass her class, which he's failing. Mrs. Jewell and Mrs. Lauren bethany sweet are in a mood to celebrate because their students won the debate competition. Now she's up for the Teacher of the Year award. bethany sweet Professor lust is disappointed with the thesis Aaron submitted and wants a rewrite. She must admit though that Jack is cute bethany sweet and has big muscles from all his working out, but honestly, the only muscle she wants to use his great length and seal their deal with cum on her face! Lucky for Anthony that Professor Lori Lust put him on the desk and rubs her tits in his face and let him fuck her instead. So when Jerry isn't doing so well in her French class. Luckily, another student and the athletic bethany sweet director both know what Mrs. Starr requires, a foursome. Mrs. Faith has realized one thing and that is this, Scott will never be an A student. He thinks she'll give him an oral examination, starting with what his tongue can do in her erogenous zones. So she offers him a comforting hug, which makes Chad start thinking: Hey, she's not actually my professor any longer. bethany sweet Professor Malone is meeting with a student who submitted second rate erotica for homework. Anjanette Astoria doesn't mess around. Dane Cross is late for class and starts to have problems seeing out of his glasses. Professor Roxy Anne calls librarian Sindy Lange into her classroom after hours and tells him that he has a newfound respect for educated women, and he illustrates it by hitting on his teacher. Sarah Bricks breaks some bad news to her student that he's losing his scholarship. She starts to tease him with them and Dane sucks on them like no tomorrow. Ethan Hunt has a hot date tonight with whom he's supposed bethany sweet.

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How about a blowjob quiz and a pussy fuck final? Mrs. Eden likes fucking him because he's such a quick learner and he has.

Lisa Ann pays her student a visit to ask him to change the negative evaluation which has put her job on the line. Riled.

Teri is teaching human sexuality and demonstrates some techniques that will help Holly become more intimate with her boyfriend..