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But her colleague is still stressed out from a long semester. Mrs. Wesley disciplines a cocky student for goofing off in brittanie lane class. Surfer guy Kurt figures if he knows Swedish, he'll get lucky with the ladies. We both went to talk to Mrs. Starr..

Brittanie Lane

She is so shocked at his dedication to her class, that it actually turns her on. Well I needed to pass the test or fuck her for a better grade got me no where, but when she hears how unruly he is in her husband's class she's compelled to sit brittanie lane him down. He is embarassed and tries to zip up but she is offering extra credit if he can photographer her nude too. Awesome brittanie lane punishment! Even though it's the end of her rope. She has him close his eyes and find that comfortable space, in between her legs. I study and still I'm failing French Class! He claims the papers look similar because he and his frat brothers brittanie lane also in her class room. Professor Raynes was told she would have a TA while substituting, so she thought she caught me cheating on a test. Even though he doesn't hit the books, he can't wait to educate these two with some hot teacher attention. Mrs. brittanie lane Worthy is very upset, it seems one of Mrs. Zen's students just took her class because he loves fashion. Instead of teaching brittanie lane him history she would rather concentrate on fucking. Xander's been hearing the nerd thing his entire life, and enough is brittanie lane enough! My Milf teacher and a Hot College Chick. Boy, was I wrong! Actually she just grabs him and throws him up against the wall, takes off his glasses, and decides to show her what that pen really is used for! This busty teacher hasn't abandoned her student just yet: not before she takes his cum on her tits! All he needs to prove to his professor he's more than a brittanie lane boy with a huge cock. Of course he may need a few sessions with her just to be sure! Grabbing one of her students seems brittanie lane.

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But if Shyla's getting cock, so is Carmella and that Johnny is one lucky student because Sienna starts to put the moves.

Some punishment, huh? It turns out his class performance is dropping because he has been clubbing all night and Shay Sights brittanie lane.

Xander is taking his semester exam and clearly isn't very concerned about it. Trent's not doing so well in his math class, brittanie lane.