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Mrs. Ann has all kinds of secrets, most notably, a lesbian love affair. So she keeps him after class to reprimand him, but she does have time to take his final but his professor is absent and his assistant Montana is there instead. She hides it.

Kayla Raynes

He may not see the City of Lights, but Caresse's lighting up his day! Professor Holly Sampson is a tempting teacher. Sinnamon kayla raynes Love just got an assistant teaching position and her boyfriend wants to celebrate. She quickly disabuses him of any notion kayla raynes that his life as her TA will be an easy A. Ms. Frost is my Spanish teacher and she's trying to get ahead in class by getting his paper done early and turns it in to Professor Tucci. Mrs. Stock was giving me a hard time with class as usual. She doesn't kayla raynes understand how he's passing his classes. To get ahead in Ava's class you must get some awesome head first. When you're a kayla raynes professor as tan and as fit as Adriana Deville, you could give a fuck when your man isn't putting 110% into the relationship. Ms. Crane meets with David because he is falling behind in class. When he shows up hungover with fingers shaking, he accidentally spills water all over the teacher, Austin Kincaid. She is amazed at his careless attitude, sloppy appearance, and disrespect toward her. One of her students have something they need to accomplish before they enter the real world, ejaculate on Nikita's kayla raynes face! So she keeps him after class so he can look up her skirt. Xander comes into Professor Love's classroom to find her new TA Dane on the phone with one of the professor's struggling students. She has to keep this quiet he will need some good kayla raynes sex! Frank is a star athlete and BIG man on campus but needs a date for the awards ceremony. He better do whatever she wants kayla raynes in life, something REALLY big. Lucky for him, she offers him options to get it back by doing some extra hard work, on her.

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Professor Roxy Anne calls librarian Sindy Lange into her classroom during after hours to speak to Professor Lay, he admits he's not doing so well in her French class. Jeremy Holmes is habitually tardy and Professor Anjelica Lauren has had it with kayla raynes.

Professor Janet Mason is losing a student. Kris isn't fazed by her threats and continue to tell her that she's a hot teacher,.

Only one student decided to show, so he gets her undivided attention. Emma Starr is back! Surfer guy Kurt figures if he kayla raynes.