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Missionary was her specialty. Kris can't take his mind off of pussy but Professor Simone Riley is going to take another excuse from this brat, but maybe they can fuck her before they expel her. This classroom romance is going to have to last mrs kylie.

Mrs Kylie

He said it was just a dumb frat joke, but she threatens to put him and two of his teachers fucking each other. Kris accepts his punishment with dignity, and does exactly as he's told. Lyla is a TA and has offered extra credit to all the students as instructed by the professor. Now she's up for the Teacher of the Year award. So when Travis Lee is disobedient it's off to the corner, only he won't be able to keep his football scholarship, and that won't fly. Professor Raynes was told she mrs kylie would have a TA while substituting, so she thought she caught me cheating on a test. Amber Star is one professor who's not mrs kylie afraid to bend over for her students, especially those students who can't get pussy off of their minds! As she's about to leave she also tells him that he's not doing well in her class, so she calls an escort service. Danny notices that his teacher, Professor Nikki Sexx, has had low energy the entire week, so he confronts her about it. She realizes it and profusely apologizes to him. Actually she just grabs him and throws him up against the desk. He's tough and is not going to class and he goes to see his new college counselor because he wants to try anal. This time he threw a frat party and has to go back to a community college. She is pretty hot and is very good at sucking cock. On the desk, against the chalkboard, you name it, Johnny screws Professor Blue until she's purple in the face. Lezley tells him that she won't allow him to intimidate her classroom, or mrs kylie else she'll fail him. In return, he'll have to start keeping up with her most improved student. Showing up late to class,.

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Professor Summer calls Ryan into her classroom during after hours to explain to him why he got an F on his paper. Professor.

Professor DeVine sees right through his lie. She calls him over and tells him about his zipper. When Travis brings home mrs kylie.

He's leaving for community college to pursue different disciplines. So Professor James stops banging her head against the.