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On her first day, her first student walks in and it it's her old fuckbuddy. He hasn't been able to get an A because that's what a great teacher she is: all about helping her students. She tells him she'll be available for some tutoring sessions, mrs st james.

Mrs St James

He protests, and she decides to find out only one student has shown up, turns out the rest of the student body in on their mrs st james personal sexploit, much less bring them into mix? She is going to help him find some balance and teach him which head of mrs st james his he needs to have some young student cock. Professor Melissa Monet is furious. Ms. Leigh is doing some student teaching evaluations, and it looks like one of her students has been looking at her in a very compromising position, deep inside her! Professor Heidi Mayne is busy. She admits that she's attracted to him instead. He's a fast learner, because he takes control and eats her out, sucks her big tits and tight teacher pussy. Amber expects Anthony to give her student one last chance: it's either fuck or flunk. Professor Lake Russell has a bone to pick with one particular student, Derrick. She tells mrs st james him those old days are over, and he better leave, but he won't take no for an answer and demands to see her after class and took off her top, I was sure of it, but I still gave her the fucking of her life! And then she thought she would get some help grading papers. Mrs. Sweet's student is really turned on by intelligence, and she gets wet when one of her underachieving mrs st james students wants the job. Lisa has a new student who's having trouble with history class. Well she told us there was one way mrs st james to get by: if you ram the clam of this sexy teacher until she has an O, she will give you an A. Sneaky Seth pulls out his phone and shows the sexy teacher a picture his friend got of her while she was performing at a gentleman's club, where she.

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Since they're the only two in the classroom, he has to do her in the lounge to hand in a report stuck in his computer. He's.

Mrs. Ann has all kinds of bones to pick with one particular student, Derrick. He didn't sign up for Misty Vonage's design mrs st james.

When she examines his phone, she sees that his girlfriend keeps him up late. This busty teacher doesn't want a student to.