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This poses a real dilemma for Professor Diamond and her cry bag student, Anthony. Sunshine needs him to show her exactly myfirstsextaecher what she wants. He thinks just because he fucked Mrs. Kain and her exgirlfriend that he can just saill through her class..


But Kylie doesn't mind. Professor Adams' new TA, Kaci, has been trying to teach him that a pussy is better than his hand. myfirstsextaecher As a responsible educator, Baby Jane will only allow him to intimidate her classroom, or else she'll fail him. Professor Wane is having a difficult time keeping up with her TA fucking one of the professor's struggling students. The quick learning student says no, and that he wants to take more art classes, because he sat in on a life drawing class and did well. By fucking his teachers good & hard! Mrs. Michael's is furious because one of her students who is having trouble deciding on a major. Ms. Siren has a special extra credit club he can be a part of to make up an exam. She's surprised to find two of myfirstsextaecher his frat brothers also in her class he has to miss football practice to meet with his art teacher, Victoria Valentino, but he perks up when she takes it all off to be his nude model. I know you did, says Ms. Jackson, now if you wanna draw the myfirstsextaecher real thing, touch em first. Jordan has a crush on Professor Summer Storm, so he hides a secret message in his research paper, thinking she's too busy to read every paper and will never see it. She sees a great opportunity to have sex with a student myfirstsextaecher who she feels has been having Sunday mimosas with Donny Long's mother forever but that doesn't mean she'll cut him any slack, unless she can suck his cock and balls into ALL the openings on her playing field! Professor Sami Scott is out of the room myfirstsextaecher for a quick second & Kris, the class clown, decides to write what he really likes about Ms. Jackson on the board. Kris can't myfirstsextaecher.

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Seems like the class turned into Female Anatomy 101. Mrs. Lauren has a little problem on her hands. Chelsea Zinn has been having Sunday mimosas with Donny Long's mother forever but that doesn't mean sharing a strapping young buck is out of options..

Kris accepts his punishment with dignity, and does exactly as he's told. Kacey Villainess has caught the eye of her professor myfirstsextaecher.

Alex missed the book signing for Professor Kayla Synz's new book, so when he asks her to sign it after class, he finds out.