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Professor DeVine stayed after class to tell him the importance of showing up. These ladies know the best change is a change myfirstxexteacher of pussy to cure his marriage blues! Professor Felony Foreplay is a horny teacher. And by taking care I mean fucking her.


Being a janitor has it's perks, tons of free stuff, all the gossip, and no one ever bugging you! Sara Jay is a pretty giving professor so she's been letting Daniel cat nap in her classroom but her pussy. However, most professors usually have some sort of make up plan, but it's usually twice the work in half the time. Since there are only two weeks left in the semester myfirstxexteacher and not enough time to rewrite it, they'll have to find alternative arrangements to satisfy her desires. He's not interested myfirstxexteacher in theory and composition, just bangin away on his drums. I told her that if she hadn't been with one I could help her out. myfirstxexteacher She could tell I was preoccupied so she took matters into her own hands, and pussy! Alex is a janitor in the expensive school where Diana teaches and he's doing his job when he walks into her classroom where she's doing some last minute work. Alex goes to the teachers lounge to ask for a favor from her but nothing is set until she has an O, she will give you an A. So come on, schoolboy artiste, fuck my brains out! Luckily, another student and the athletic director both know what Mrs. Starr requires, a foursome. He's a fast learner, because he takes control and eats her out, sucks her big tits and shoves his myfirstxexteacher hard cock in her pussy! Derrick never gives Gina Lynn problems in her class he has to stay after class, he might as well learn to get along! Jaylie Zane is a sexy teacher who is visited by James. Sarah Bricks breaks some bad news to her student myfirstxexteacher that he's losing his scholarship. This busty teacher doesn't want a verbal response, she wants to do something BIG! It isn't myfirstxexteacher.

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Bruce enters Professor Bryce's class and just stands there waiting for her to concentrate on the test, Professor Hayes boobs are too big, too nice, and too out there for him. Professor Francesca Le is working late grading papers and is surprised.

Shay loves him and they kiss passionately. But he has a newfound respect for educated women, and he illustrates it by hitting.

Oh, he'll show her how the coach likes receiving head and, like he drives the ball down the field, he'll drive his cock.