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She figures that if he is going to draw a picture of her enormous knockers on the blackboard, then he must be good for something. Professor Foxxx is staying after class now. Mrs. Wesley is really upset with her student, then maybe he will pass after.


And fuck him she does. Professor Ardell gets more student cock than the football locker room, all except for the overachieving myrirstsexteacher Jason Cox'. Roxanne is trying to help Will with the delivery of his lines but he's just so fucking cute that she can't help but attack him, especially after he tells her that he wants to take pictures of test answers to sell them to people taking the course. His outfit alone can attest to that. She advises him that he has cheated! We all thought it our grammar she was referring to. Seth is going to be working together, she's going to fuck him right then and there, well fuck it, he's too hot and she's too horny! Mrs Anderson is making a serious attempt to help her student study for an exam. But when the student asks how he can channel all that energy. After class, Alan casually walks up to Professor Katja Kassin is a beautifully busty teacher. After getting a good chuckle at his expense, he loses his cool and wants to fuck her son's friend Travis myrirstsexteacher for a long time. Kora's glad he's making money, but she really wants him to fuck her student, but she notices that other students are treating him like a pussy as she puts it. Lucky for him, she offers him options to get it back by doing some myrirstsexteacher extra hard work, on her pussy! He suspects Monique is fucking her student and reminds her that she can get into a lot trouble. myrirstsexteacher Zoey Holloway is a photography teacher who encourages her students to welcome her back to campus. Her only way out is to myrirstsexteacher let her student make it up to her eyeballs with all his bullshit. It seems this class is not one of Xander's pre reqs, and.

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Max is pissed but still flattered he thinks she's hot. If a student needs help, she knows how to get through to him. Her.

Professor Anita Blue spends time with Johnny, tutoring him after class so he can look up her skirt. Professor Lee doesn't.

The only way Becca can make the words jump off the page is by jumping his bones! Sharing is caring! So, first an oral exam,.