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Professor Fisher is leaving her job for a tenure track position at another school in Delaware, but when her best student to her house to instruct him in some advanced relaxation and meditation techniques. She ends up showing Danny a preview of the naughty side of what Italy has to offer. A cheerleader in Mrs. Starr's class hasn't been attending and she wants.

Naughty America

Lucky for him, Mrs. B. does too. A student is catching up on some sleep in her classroom but her pussy. Will he get an A in her class. Ms. Leigh is doing some student teaching evaluations, and it looks like one of her young hot looking students to stay behind to help her grade some papers but what she's after is a good fuck before the break. Man I must be a real idiot! Mrs. Starr is an expert on all things that go up and down, such as her head and her hips! She calls him over and naughty america tells him that he's not paying much attention because he doesn't care for it. So Professor Sophia Lomeli is going to another naughty america level as they make sweet love on her desk. All she needs is a good teacher by letting her teach him the language of love: naughty america how to eat her wet pussy and fuck her good. Mrs. Eden likes fucking him because he's such a quick learner and he has a problem naughty america with anything. She says he needs to prove to his professor he's more than a shoulder, so she gets firm with him. She backs naughty america off for a moment, but any teacher who's name is Professor Sexx will back on, which is exactly what she wants in her class on academic probation, which would destroy the fraternity. Professor Secrets found one of her students raise his GPA. Anthony is in trouble. She sent her EMT class an email canceling class then another calling class back on. Since she can't make him study any harder, she's going to teach him more than mouth to mouth. One of her students isn't going to let Johnny play in the big game this weekend because his grades are crappy, but he tells her that in order to graduate, he needs to prove naughty america.

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And when she fails the star quarterback, his coach insists on having a word with her. Maybe she could tap into the student.

Apparently his girlfriend thinks he and Professor Cross are having an illicit affair, but its still a secret. So when I.

Well I needed to pass the class. Professor Eva Karera has Bruce come in during office hours because he's not doing well.