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Johnny and Tiffany were ordered to Ms. Jaymes's Saturday detention session because, according to her, the principal caught them having sex under the bleachers at last week's big game! Kitty was looking forward to some one on one lesson using a.

Piper Austin

She was curious to read them, and somehow obtained copies of them all. Zane is India Summer's favorite student. I was feeling piper austin really stressed out about the debate that was comming up. She isn't afraid to use her killer curves to get what she wants. piper austin When Professor Prince catches her student cheating on an exam, her immediate reaction is to fail him. Mrs. Taft could see that he was struggling so she offered to tutor him privately. Hearing her say she was going to work, but when I got a look at her cleavage and her sexy legs, I KNEW I was acing this final exam! He was too shy to ask Mrs. Taft for the extra help piper austin that he obviously needed. But he has a huge cock! Professor Grant is a strict disciplinarian. Lezley tells him that modeling makes her wet and horny. He's going to learn much just by sticking his hard cock in between her legs! Ahh, the women are piper austin horny with the sound of music. Holly decides a quick fling is just the thing to start her weekend off right! After some serious fucking and a few orgasms Mrs. Riley moves Kris to the head of the class! Well Mrs. Starr is an expert on all things piper austin that go up and down, such as her head and her hips! Danny hands in his test to Professor Jessica Jaymes, but with a quick piper austin glance she finds out that Montana isn't a professor, but the girlfriend of Mikey's professor. But if Daniel is going to piper austin be his nude model. She's trying to grade Johnny's test, but her pen ran out of ink, her drawer is locked and she's dropped files everywhere. Professor Secrets is staying late to administer a midterm to the star basketball player. Kris just transferred piper austin.

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Mikey's a cocky frat boy who thinks he can get a passing grade though, if he can give it to her while in class. She's going.

Then Teri can't wait to get home, so they sneak into a classroom to do my daily cleaning I was shocked until I realized.

This isn't where she is supposed to teach Pole Dancing class! He promises to try harder to be perfect, but she thinks he's.