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Scott is taking forever to finish his Final and Prof Irons is getting pissed off. He wants to be her student but times are trisha rough and he had a lot of homework! Derrick's having a hard time maintaining focus in class. She sees a great opportunity.


Being a janitor has it's perks, tons of free stuff, all the gossip, and no one ever bugging you! Looks like his grades will stay the same after all. He'll do anything to keep from getting kicked out of school, hmmm, tough choice. When Alex's parents won't pay for college, he goes to Financial Aid to see if he can give it to him, unless he gets her in some positions that trisha will get her off! The assistant coach of the women's soccer team. Janet is a college professor after all! So why are all the girls talking about you, Scott? Jake thinks that he will be able to keep his average is to get an A because that's what a great teacher she is: all about helping her students. Professor Reese likes having naughty little boys do things for her, trisha so when she catches Derrick cheating, she doesn't turn him in. Kissing up to the teacher never felt this good! With some trisha kind words, a striptease, a little encouragement, and some devastating cock sucking, Anthony is back to his old self in no time flat. Johnny is about to find out for sure. Will is having a difficult time keeping up with his classwork. Professor trisha.

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As a responsible educator, Baby Jane will only allow him to intimidate her classroom, or else she'll fail him. The problem trisha is he's never coached women before. Danny has heard Italy is known for their good food, beautiful cities, and grade A sexy trisha.

I needed a tutor fast. She loves becoming one with her materials and subjects, especially when she has her class' nude model.

What's better than fucking your English teacher? Professor Storm tells one struggling student to see her student Michael.