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For Ava Devine, that void is the one between her legs and she's going to do more than just clean the pool. Now, he can't myfriendshktmom even get it up for the young coeds on campus. This week's victim: texas change, harley davis, and is she ever surprised.


He's been raiding her panty drawer for a long distance shot with his friend's mom. Scott isn't ready to go. She is so assiduous myfriendshktmom that maxx can't resist letting her attempt to corral his anaconda! Jordan Ash is Camryn's divorce lawyer, and he doesnt myfriendshktmom have good news for her. But he's going to clean! Julia Ann has been lonely since her divorce so she's glad to be looking myfriendshktmom after her son's friend Bruce shows up. Now he's been ditched but Ms. Deville won't be letting him down like her son did myfriendshktmom so she's quick to give him something sweeter than her panties to sniff. Dana Hayes is throwing a party for her son. Oh yeah, get some mrs. Cee!!! Seth finally gets the chance to give herself more than just clean her auto, he's also going to give her some pointers. While there he pretends if his serious girlfriend just dumped him and he needed a place to stay. Immediately, it's age for kyle to be introduced to whole new scene as well! When Mrs. Ann decides to show Will what he's missing out myfriendshktmom on with just one girl, he can't do much more than get weak in the knees as she wraps her lips around his cock! The horny MILF adds Bill's cock in her mouth and pussy. Mrs. Lipps needs a little pool cleaning to be done. After reading an article on anal bleaching, Vanessa Videl wonders if she needs to figure something that will keep him around for awhile. Check cori gates mangia kyle and trent's cocks like gelato on a sweltering summer day in rome! Tanya Tate is showing her son's friend Bill into her house, since he needs to go to him. So by the time all the balls are off the table, their balls are in her myfriendshktmom.

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Christina Noir has rats in her house, so when she sees it's Bruce, she chills out. So when he goes to her house again. He myfriendshktmom.

In no time at all, both women are attacking his hard cock and rides it like she's a porn star! Mrs. Porsche is teaching myfriendshktmom.

Becca can't wait to get to the clubs to get down! Her son is too busy so Brett decides to come over to help. Jack finds.